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    Bali Spa

    Our massages, facial and body treatments are performed by the certified therapists from Bali

Bali Spa is a continuation and development of Bali Cafe & Dim Sum House brand.

We decided to take a step forward, thus besides satisfying Your culinary needs, we want also take care of body relax and soul care.

Bali Spa in Warsaw is a temple and oasis of calm, harmony and relax. We offer treatments deriving from Indonesia, Hawaii, Thailand or Japan. Ladies will be surely interested in strong anti-cellulite massage, while people leading active lifestyle will eagerly regenerate thanks to sporty massage.

One thing is certain – in our saloon You will find exactly such a form of relax and regeneration as you currently need. All our services will be performed by qualified and experienced masseurs, who pay special attention to quality of performed services.



Massages and rituals are performed by Certified Therapists from Bali.

We have been connected with the island Bali for 20 years. Witold Gawlikowski founder, businessman and traveler took care of quality and authenticity of our services, while his daughters Marta and Anna are responsible for satisfaction of our Clients. We have individual approach to all our clients and, if needed, we offer advice in the range of choice of suitable kind of treatment. We invite for Balinese massages at the very heart of Warsaw


  • “After today’s Balinese massage, it is obvious for me that this place deserves the highest note. My fully relaxed opinion may be explained by a unique atmosphere of this place, cleanliness, standard, design, perfect choice of music and omnipresent smile of staff. Thanks to the use of natural cosmetics my skin is pleasantly smooth and subtle. It also smells wonderful.:) thank you very much Bali Spa!”

    Kamila Działkowska

  • “The place is the only one of its kind. Its design and atmosphere hypnotize, while professional and qualified staff constitute a complement of its atmosphere. I recommend.”

    Rtoip Darnok Ikcinarb

  • “The best place in Warsaw!!!! Massages revelation!!!! I rest here :) I love this place”

    Marta Siwak

  • “Amazing place, the massagers are absolutely exceptionally good. I will come back here with pleasure.”

    Jakub Zawistowski



Besides Balinese massages we recommend also oriental massages, such as Thai massage, hot stones massage, aromatherapy based on natural essential oils, shaitsu and many other.


Massages are very healthy for both a body and a soul, they have therapeutic properties. We invite parents with kids, pregnant women, sportsmen, people, who are stressed, those with different kinds of pains and tonicities, those suffering from insomnia and everyone, who wants to spend time in a pleasant way and relax in the elegant interior, by soothing aroma of essential oils, candlelight and music from Bali.






It is an alternative for those, who do not like beauty parlors and for those who want to combine taking care of beauty with relax.


Every ritual is mixed with a massage. In our  Bali Spa saloon, we use only natural cosmetics, which do not contain parabens, artificial colorings, preservatives and which are not tested on animals. Majority of cosmetics are imported straightly from heavenly Bali. We invite to our Spa. – Warszawa, Nowy Świat 22.





AGATA GAWLIKOWSKA - coach, wellness coach, dietician


In our massage saloon, we offer also professional dietary advising: dieting, deacidification, clearage, dewarming and rejuvenation of an organism. We will together set an adequate diet and health program. We will also organize departure stays. 


Good energy straight from Bali

Masaż Balijski | Bali Spa

Gawlikowska sisters, the owners of the famous Warsaw chain of Bali Cafe & Dim Sum House restaurants decided to present a heavenly island, not only from a culinary point of view.

At the very heart of a vibrant capital,  they established Bali Spa,  a modern massage saloon of Balinese massage. In a beautiful interior of the apartment of 19th-century tenement house, they created an oasis of calm and relax. All of that, starting with subtle music,  and finishing with aromatic candles, is good for calming a body and a soul.

Masaż Balijski | Bali Spa

The certified therapists from Bali perform professional massages, among others: Thai, Balinese and aromatherapic ones. They also perform rituals: Javanese and Balinese. All the cosmetics used in Spa are ecological and natural, imported from the heavenly island. 

Masaż Balijski | Bali Spa


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Bali Spa is an oasis of peace and calm, which constitute a perfect place for a romantic date for two. We offer treatments and massages for two in one room.


In addition, we may offer exclusive hourly package, for special occasions, such as, for instance: hen parties, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, occasional events. (Ask for an offer, we will conform it to your needs).


Balinese massage at your home, office, or party. A fitted offer and a program tailored to your individual needs. We guarantee full professionalism! We offer also portable equipment, such as, for example: portable beds, towels, robs and cosmetics.


The best present, which you can give is moment of pleasure and relax in w Bali Spa. The available vouchers for all the treatments, personalized and quota. A voucher is also perfect for saying thank you, rewarding workers or, simply because a heart need, without an occasion.


Bali Spa uses natural cosmetics, deriving mainly from Bali (Eco, paraben free ,based on natural essential oils , not tested on animals). The cosmetics may be bought on the spot.

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Nowy Świat 22 (near Al. Jerozolimskie) Warsaw

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Masaż Balijski | Bali Spa
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